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EVERDIGM Hydraulic Rock Breakers

EVERDIGM – Hydraulic Hammer Proven in Australia’s Harshest Conditions

The Everdigm range of hydraulic rock breakers is engineered for maximum productivity and has been proven for years in Australian harshest conditions. The Everdigm Breaker requires minimal maintenance, resulting in increased productivity at worksites. ONTRAC Group has the complete range of Everdigm hydraulic rock breakers ready for sale and immediate delivery across Australia.

Design Features of Everdigm Hydraulic Rock Breakers
All of Everdigm’s rock breakers share design features that make them ideal for Australia’s harsh rock conditions. Whatever your need is, this equipment can handle it. Designed and engineered with over 70 years of expertise, these hydraulic rock breakers offer you great value for your investment.

Proven Work Principle

  • The Everdigm rock breaker series is Nitrogen Gas Fired making it less demanding to operate.
  • The Everdigm Hydraulic Breaker has 2-speed* operation which can be adjusted according to the rock hardness.
  • To minimise recoil shock and blank fire, the Everdigm Hydraulic breaker is fitted with an Anti-Blank Fire mechanism elastomer damping system.

Increased Versatility

  • The Everdigm rock breaker models, specifically EHB05 and above, are suitable for underwater applications.
  • The whole series of rock breakers have a unique valve design that decreases pressure fluctuation to protect the carrier’s pump from damage.

Easy Maintenance

  • Everdigm’s rock breaker models require less individual parts for repairs and rebuilds.
  • Their jigsaw-shaped design gives them better resilience to external forces, protecting the body structure.
  • These hydraulic rock breakers use two-layered damper and wear plates that afford them longer maintenance intervals.

Why Choose ONTRAC Group

We are your reliable source of excavator attachments. We have partnered with Everdigm to be your solution for rock breaker suppliers here in Australia. Our combined experience in the earthmoving and construction industries has given us insights on how to choose the right equipment for worksites. Allow us to help you improve on-site safety, productivity and efficiency with our curated selection of products.

Browse through our range of rock breakers for sale to find the right equipment for your site. We’ll gladly address any concerns or queries you might have on our products.

Working Weight1kg80121121147249315472555
Required Oil Flowlpm12 – 3015-2520-3530-5035-6545-9060-11080-140
Operating Pressurebar100 – 130100 – 130100 – 130100 – 130110-140130-170130-170140-180
Blow FrequencyLow speed modebpm
High speed modebpm550 – 1,300700-1,200700-1,200550-1,000550-1,000550-1,000520-1,000500-1,000
Impact Energy2Low speed modejoule
High speed modejoule1101802003004507001,0001,350
Tool Shank Diametermm4245455058688093
Applicable Carrier Weighttonne0.6-1.50.7-2.51.0-4.01.5-4.52.5-6.03.5-8.05-117-15

Working Weight1kg1,0291,2691,5391,7992,4613,4334,1196,484
Required Oil Flowlpm80-140110-170100-150130-180170-240200-280230-330320-420
Operating Pressurebar140 – 180160-180160-180160-180165-185165-185165-185165-185
Blow FrequencyLow speed modebpm380-700350-600340-550330-500310-490330-450250-370280-370
High speed modebpm550-850500-750440-700430-650400-680420-600350-500370-480
Impact Energy2Low speed modejoule2,5002,8003,5004,3006,1007,60010,40013,000
High speed modejoule2,1502,2002,8003,2004,2006,0007,90010,000
Tool Shank Diametermm105117125135150165180205
Applicable Carrier Weighttonne12-2014-2416-2520-3026-3532-4540-7060-110

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